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Helpful Tips to Avoid Portion Distortion

Oversize food portions are a leading cause of weight gain in Americans. There are many external factors encouraging us to eat larger portions including the current dishware style of oversized plates and glasses.  Many restaurants serve single entrees that are large enough to feed several adults. The following tips can help you avoid portion distortion.

Perhaps it was Mom's advice, but people have a tendency to eat all the food that is on their plate.  Put your food on a salad plate rather than a large dinner plate.  You can always add more food, but you may find that the amount on the salad plate was enough to fill you up.

Plate your meal in the kitchen and than eat in the dining room.  Serving family style encourages people to overeat. If you do bring food to the table, make it the salad or vegetable dishes and leave the higher calorie dishes in the kitchen.

Eat your meal without the distraction of the TV, computer or phone.  Eat slowly and enjoy your dinner companions. Studies have shown that this type of mindful eating helps control weight gain.

When dining out consider sharing an entree with a companion and ordering an extra salad or side dish of vegetables.