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Healthy Eating while Dining Out


Socializing with friends or family at a restaurant can seem challenging when you are trying to eat cleanly. Here are a few tips to help navigate a menu.

  • Order the salmon burger or beef burger without the bun.
  • Substitute the fries for greens or the vegetable of the day. Don't be fooled by thinking sweet potato fries are "healthier".
  • Ask for oil and vinegar to be brought to the table so you can lightly dress a salad yourself.
  • Request that the bread basket not be brought to the table. If your companions want bread, place it off to the side and out of your reach.
  • Celebrating with a glass of wine? Ask for a glass of water at the same time and alternate sips of each.
  • Soups are a wonderful appetizer or main entree. Choose a soup that is not cream based.