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At Smith Weight Loss & Wellness we help you get the results you've been longing for. Read below to hear what our clients are saying:

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"I don't crave sugar like I used to. My habits have changed. My thoughts have changed. I have a new mental and physical vitality. Going through this program and clinic has made all the difference. I feel like somebody cares!" Mary Kay, lost 60lbs*


weight loss program in Saratoga Springs/Malta/ Wilton/ Ballston Spa/Glens Falls area

"I was always exhausted. I couldn't do anything. I never exercised. Once I started eating lots of healthy foods (because all I ate prior was fast food), I saw a real improvement. Eating real food has made all the difference. Plus, I have so much energy!" Josh, lost 60lbs*


Fast weight Loss Program with detoxification in saratoga springs/Malta/Ballston Spa/Wilton/Glens Falls area

"I found this place and it has changed my life. I was amazed at how fast the weight fell off! I didn't feel like I was doing that much either. I simply followed the program and the weight just kept disappearing." Christine, lost 37lbs*


Natural Weight Loss Program in Saratoga Springs/Wilton/Ballston Spa/Malta/Clifton Park and avoid Bariatric Surgery

"I am a totally different person since losing the weight. No only do I have a ton of energy, but no longer am I sick all the time. PLUS I love that I'm able to fit into skinny jeans." Cori, lost 30lbs*


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"I came into the office wearing a size 14 and I felt horrible. Since then, there has been a dramatic change! I have so much energy and can't stand the thought of sitting at home. I also fit into clothes I never thought I would. I have size 4 pants I fit into!" Judy, lost 27lbs*


Natural weight loss program in saratoga springs/clifton park/malta/wilton/glens falls/lake george area, avoid weight loss surgery, Bariatric surgery, high blood presure

"I can finally function like a normal person. My clothes previous to the clinic don't even fit and people have been asking me what my secret was because I look fabulous. They were even able to help my family–my kids no longer suffer from different ailments." Suzanne, lost 26lbs*


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"My life was dramatically changed and I couldn't be happier. Not only did I lose the weight, but I'm truly healthy. No more headaches, no more body aches or pains. It feels GREAT to finally be able to LIVE again." Julianne, lost 26lbs*  

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